This website is dedicated to raising awareness of child sexual abuse on children today and the effects of past abuse on adult survivors.

The significance of this issue is highlighted annually through a peaceful rally held in London, UK where individuals and supportive organisations unite together to raise awareness and to stop child sexual abuse from continuing in the current day. Step Up are delighted to be organising the Stop Child Abuse Now Rally in 2017.

In September the rally was supported by adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse; males and females, parents, partners, friends and families and younger survivors in healing and all are welcome to join.

Child sexual abuse is still happening to children today. Please support in raising awareness by joining us on the 2017 rally.

Survivor Quotes

“This is an imperative event which I was proud to have joined in on for the first time last year. I’ve grown from a very frightened child holding onto a bad secret into a strong grown adult who is no longer afraid. That’s why I supported last years rally and hope others will have the courage to do so in the coming years.”

“An amazing day and for such a good cause. If this rally can raise awareness and stop one child now from being abused, then it is definitely worth supporting.”

What’s New?

Site launched February 2009, continues to help support people across the UK as an advocate.

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There are two options available to register your support for change:

  • On-line Petition.
  • Downloadable Word document.

Summary of the aims of the Rally

The main aims of the Stop Child Abuse Now Rally are:

  • To raise awareness and highlight child sexual abuse to the general public.
  • To petition the UK Government for change regarding custodial sentences on offenders, sympathetic dealings with survivors and funding for support agencies.
  • To raise awareness of the effects of childhood sexual abuse on survivors and their families.

Child Abuse Resources

If you suspect a child is being abused physically, sexually, emotionally or neglected please stand up and do something about it. Be the voice they need to put an end to this in the UK!